Lti Maafushivaru Starts Coral Nursery Project

PUBLISHED June 10, 2021

Lti Maafushivaru, a stunning resort and a TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Award 2021 winner, is thrilled to announce their new marine conservation project. In April 2021, three tester coral frames were installed and placed in various locations around the island’s arrival jetty, which is a prime location for snorkelers so guests can see the progress of the frames. 

Philippa Darbyshire-Jenkins, Marine Biologist for lti Maafushivaru said ‘Unfortunately, reefs around the Maldives have really suffered since the El Niño effect that saw a two-degree increase in the oceans water temperature which subsequently caused corals around the country to bleach. Overall, there was a 95% mortality rate, so it is of most importance to give our reefs a helping hand.’ 

‘Over the next three weeks, an additional three more frames will be installed on a deeper level in front of the arrival jetty (around 12m-15m), we will monitor these frames over a three-week period to observe and see which location is most favourable to the coral fragments that we have placed onto the frames. Once we have determined the best location, more frames will be built and placed around the area.’ added Philippa. 

The goal is to install 20 frames within three months, and they will represent the Coral Restoration Project lead by Lti Maafushivaru Marine Biology Department. Marine conservation is one of the top priorities at Lti Maafushivaru, the resort is also involved in different research projects such as Manta Trust, Olive Ridley, Maldives Whale Shark Research Program and eOceans.


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