Association of Travel Agents Meets Tourism Minister

PUBLISHED September 24, 2020

Representatives of Association of Travel Agents (ATA) have met with Tourism Minister of Maldives – Dr. Abdulla Mausoom on Wednesday to address the implementation of travel agency regulation which aims to protect rights and interests of local travel agencies.

Integral pointers were reviewed to work out the best solutions for the challenges faced by local travel agents.

ATA emphasized on the importance of regulating OTA’s (Online Travel Agents) and also requested to mandate a 10% commission for travel agencies to help them gain a competitive advantage over foreign companies.

Since the inception of ATA in the year 2014, the association has been actively working for the aforementioned causes as such an endowment would secure travel agencies, guarantee better economic prospects in terms of tax revenue and enhance retention of funds in the economy.

ATA aims to finalize the draft with the ministry on 1st October 2020 and anticipates the effectuation of the regulation by 15th October 2020.


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