The 10th Edition of Maldives Living Expo Announced to be Held in Late October 2022

PUBLISHED September 10, 2022 | updated September 10, 2022 01:11

The 10th edition of Maldives Living Expo has been announced to be held on October 27, 28 and 29, 2022 at Central Park Hulhumalé. MM Exports, India and State Trading Organization (STO), Maldives have been revealed as the Co-Sponsors of this year’s Maldives Living Expo.  

Maldives Living Expo has been successfully held since 2013 and celebrates its 10th year while expanding the event with major regional condominiums living and lifestyle, services and businesses. With the increase of travel and living abroad, Maldivians have chosen South Asia and Southeast destinations as second home. While many who can afford has settled in private residences; a huge demand is seen in real estate, luxury, independent living lifestyle.   

2022 Edition of Maldives Living Expo will showcase different options from utmost luxury to affordable home and living lifestyle available in the heart of smart city with the supporting and facilitating partners of Maldives in one platform. Hulhumalé; is the very first, meticulously planned smart city that offers a refreshing and a superior living alternative to the citizens of Maldives; with wide roads, abundant greens and congestion free life.   

The event will provide elite information in one platform with the competitors in the market and inspire and meet the aspiration of the young, modern, first-time home buyers who want a house which fulfills their dreams with respect to the lifestyle they want to live. This event will be a steppingstone for a strong foundation for the future generation.  

About MMExports  

MMExports joins forces with Maldives Living Expo for the fourth consecutive time this 2022 as a Co-Sponsor. Mohan Mutha Exports Pvt. Ltd. is an unparalleled exports firm, based in Chennai, India which is also entrenched across other parts of the world. Founded by Shri Mohanlal Mutha in 1957, they are one of the leading export companies in India.   

They are consistently delivering international quality products to its customers. Not just that, they are also one of the few export companies in India who is a Government Accredited Star Export House, having excelled in international trade. Stationed across the globe, its liaison offices are in world’s giant trading citadels including Maldives and Singapore.  

About STO   

Founded in 1964, STO has expanded its business in the Maldives through its various outlets including STO Home Improvement, STO Supermart, STO Construction Materials, STO Staple Foods, STO Medicals and STO Fuel and Lubricants. The company will be showcasing its highly reliable home and living related products in the Maldives Living Expo 2022.   

STO Construction Materials was established in 1988. This outlet deals with construction materials such as Cement, River sand, Aggregate, Deformed bars, Plywood, High density fiber boards & Roofing materials, etc. STO Construction Materials is the main distributor for Maldives Marine Cement which is locally packed by Lafarge Maldives Pvt ltd in accordance with international standards. Roofing sheets are produced by Maldives Structural Products Pvt ltd which are also sold from its outlet. Both Lafarge Maldives Pvt ltd and Maldives Structural Products Pvt ltd are subsidiaries of STO, which have enabled STO to sell these products at very competitive prices.  

Having opened its first pharmacy in 1983, major expansion of pharmacy services was initiated by STO in 2014 to provide high-quality medicine to all citizens of Maldives through the Public health care system (Aasandha). STO has continued to thrive in this initiative by becoming the largest pharmacy chain in the Maldives with 190 pharmacies being established as of today.  

By partnering with multiple healthcare companies around the world, STO Pharmacies are not just pharmacies providing basic medications, but a trusted component of the health care industry for any Maldivian community. Providing a wide array of modern supplements, and other medical items from globally recognized brands, STO has widened its scope of operations within the medical sector to supply medical products ranging from pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, devices, consumables, and medical furniture.  

Additionally, this has led to the initiation of Biomedical Services, ensuring promptness in providing after sale services. Bio Medical team is responsible for a comprehensive list of services such as the installation, application, training, preventive maintenance and support services for all equipment’s supplied. This team also provides the necessary technical consultancy during order processing. Operating with a total of 3 warehouses, STO Medicals also has a quality assurance team and a logistic team ensuring product availability whilst not compromising on its quality. 

Event is open for participation to all the Real Estate, Home and Living Life style companies in the Maldives and South Asia. Save now to invest for your future home.  

Stay tuned for more updates about Maldives Living Expo 2022. 


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