Maldives Implements New Departure Tax

PUBLISHED January 03, 2022 | updated January 03, 2022 02:22

From January 1, 2022, Maldives has implemented new Departure Tax replacing the Airport Service Charge (ASC) previously applied for locals and foreigners. The new departure tax will be valid for travelers departing from all the currently operating airports of the Maldives.  

Similar to the ASC, those with diplomatic immunity, transit passengers and children below the age of 2 years are exempt from departure tax. 

Locals are required to pay USD12 and foreigners USD30 tax on economy class. All travelers, despite citizenship, are required to pay: 

- USD60 on business class 

- USD90 on first class 

- USD120 on non-scheduled/chartered flights and private jets 

For scheduled flights, the airlines are responsible for collecting Departure Tax from their passengers. While for chartered flights and private jets, it is the responsibility of the airport operator to collect these taxes. 


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