Maamunagau’s Secret Garden – Festive Season 2022 at InterContinental Maldives

PUBLISHED November 03, 2022 | updated November 03, 2022 05:12

The most wonderful time of the year is knocking on our doors again, and guests can look forward to a plentiful festive season at InterContinental Maldives Maamunagau Resort. Its festive programme is inspired by the idea of spending time together and stepping into a Secret Garden full of splendour and beautiful experiences. 

This year’s festive season at Maamunagau Island is all about culinary heights led by a visiting  Michelin star chef and award-winning flair bartender, time together as friends, family, and couples, and simply celebrating life. Guests get to retreat from their daily hustle and embrace  nature, reconnect with what matters and soak in the serenity that only a tropical, remote island  can host. 

Enjoyment and adventures are on the list to participate for both children and adults, beginning  from the moment the Christmas tree is lit up on 22nd December 2022 to welcome the festive  spirit to the island and kick off the season for this year, all the way through to the New Year  2023. 

With visiting celebrity chef Anita Lo from the USA and visiting Flair Bartender Anne-Lise  Jouenne from Paris, the resort will elevate the extensive bespoke guest experience offers even  further. 

Having travelled the world, the US-based Michelin Star Chef Anita Lo loves to mix and fuse  flavours, reflecting stories and secrets from her journey and different cultures to become one  of the most sought-after chefs in America. “For me, there is nothing better than discovering a  new culture through its food. Ingredients tell stories, both personal and historical, about the  people who cook it, about migration, strife, and the surrounding land. Food is identity, and I  love nothing more than sharing what I’ve learned along the way.” - Anita Lo. 

Anne-Lise Jouenne is an extremely talented flair bartender visiting the island’s shores from  France. She is one of the very few flair bartenders in France and likely the reason for one or the other broken spirit bottles in private homes as her fans express themselves in this skilful art  inspired by her TikTok fame. As the best female participant of the prestigious Roadhouse competition in London in 2019, she will also present her unique creations to the extensive  cocktail offering of the resort. 

As well this festive season, guests can explore the wellness journeys our visiting practitioners  have prepared at AVI Spa, creating once-in-a-lifetime memories for the whole family or a  romantic interlude for two to remember forever. With different healing techniques, guests can  create their own spa journey, choosing from the diverse portfolio the wellness professionals  offer. 

For children and families, the Planet Trekkers team has put together quite a selection of exciting  as well as creative and educational experiences. Kids and their families will have ample  opportunities to create memories and spend meaningful days together, from the overwater to the beach to the sky. 

This year’s festive season is welcoming guests to a Secret Garden, and to enter their curated, personal paradise, where they get to wander through the maze of tropical beauty that is the enchanting island and discover hidden pleasures like Secret Pop-Up Bar. 


Rates start from USD 2585++ per night in a Water Pool Villa including breakfast for two in  December 2022. Compulsory Festive Gala Dinners on 24 and 31 December 2022 will be  applicable to all guests. For more information, please visit or contact the resort directly at 


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