Unveiling the Nautilus Maldives’s Ocean Discovery Week: Embark on a Starlit Summer Adventure at the Ultra Luxury Private Island Hideaway

PUBLISHED March 31, 2024 | updated March 31, 2024 00:49

This summer, The Nautilus Maldives, invites guests to explore the sparkling seas and embark  on an unforgettable journey with distinguished diving experts Jeff and Sarah Milisen from  Hawaii. The Nautilus Ocean Discovery Week is taking place from July 24th to 31st, marking  the debut of this exciting annual event. 
The Nautilus lies in the Maldives renowed Baa Atoll, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, boasting over 40 dive sites teeming with incredible marine life. Divers and snorkellers can immerse  themselves in the tranquility of these waters, enhanced by the enchanting spectacle of the  starlit sky. As daylight fades, guests can witness the ocean transform into a mesmerising realm  illuminated by bioluminescent organisms and the gentle glow of underwater torches. 
Jeff Milisen, a distinguished marine biology scientist and celebrated blackwater photographer,  unveils the mysteries of nocturnal marine life. Renowned for his captivating imagery  capturing elusive species, Jeff’s expertise has garned international acclaim, including 14  prestigious contest wins. Jeff’s book “A Field Guide to Blackwater Diving in Hawaii”, published  in 2020, is used to train dive professionals and scientists worldwide. Complementing Jeff’s  passion, Sarah Milisen, Director of Education at a 5-Star PADI Dive Center in Hawaii, channels  her extensive in-water experience of 23 years into nurturing environmentally conscious ocean  stewards. 
Throughout The Nautilus Ocean Discovery Week, guests are invited to immerse themselves  in the enchanting world of the ocean through guided night snorkeling and diving experiences.  Led by knowledgeable guides Jeff and Sarah, participants will delve into the captivating realm  of nocturnal marine life. They'll be treated to a mesmerising display of fluorescent corals, and  the intricate patterns of nocturnal fish, offering a unique perspective on the underwater world  after dark. 
As part of the week's activities, guests will also have the exclusive opportunity to embark on  an excursion to Hanifaru Bay, renowned as one of the world's premier manta ray feeding  grounds and accessible via a luxurious speedboat journey just 30 minutes from The Nautilus.  Here, they can witness the awe-inspiring sight of these majestic creatures as they glide  through the water in their timeless and mesmerising dance. Before venturing out on the  private guided manta experience, guests will have the privilege of learning from The Nautilus's resident marine biologist, gaining insights into the fascinating behaviour and ecology of manta  rays. 
Guests can venture beyond the ocean’s embrace and indulge in a myriad of activities to suit  every adventurer’s palate. From exhilarating water sports such as Seabob or E-foil expeditions  to mindful and tranquil excapes at Solasta Spa, where guests can experience unique in-water  relaxation techniques including floating yoga, breathwork and meditation in the overwater  pavilion, and water sound healing. 
Young wonderers and teenagers are invited to participate in a marine biologist workshop,  Bubble Maker courses, an underwater treasure hunt, a watercolour art workshop, a mocktail  making class, and an engaging blackwater photo exhibition hosted by Jeff. Aspiring  underwater photographers will have the exclusive opportunity to learn the art of underwater  photography from Jeff, who generously shares his professional insights and techniques. 
Gastronomic connoisseurs can indulge in a journey of flavour and sophistication unlike any  other, with The Nautilus’s award-winning culinary and mixology team as they celebrate the  theme with a tantalising array of aqua-inspired cocktail creations and meticulously curated  dining experiences. 
To secure your spot at the exclusive The Nautilus Ocean Discovery Week, a one-of-a-kind event that unfolds once a year only, contact The Nautilus at hello@thenautilusmaldives.com to reserve your ultra-luxe bohemian summer escape. For more information visit www.thenautilusmaldives.com

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