Little Buddy Talentz Announces the World’s Biggest Online Talent Competition – Now in Maldives

PUBLISHED October 04, 2020

Little Buddy Talentz - an online creative platform to give all creative youngsters in the age group of 2.5 years to 18 years the chance to showcase their talent on a Global level. Little Buddy Talentz is open for participants from anywhere in Maldives. The online platform gives a chance to youngsters from any part of the country to show their talent. The Virtual Press meet was held on September 30, 2020.  

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Suresh Nambair, Managing Director, Little Buddy said that Little Buddy Talentz is a global platform uniting the children together and helping them to sharpen their talent and to expand their horizons.  

Ms. Catherine Lyon, Founding Director for ‘Spark Early Years’ in the UK, mentions that the spark software plays an active role in promoting the overall development of a child. Spark early years is committed to help adults to ‘Get it Right’ for every child and encourage them to excel holistically and in their inherent abilities.  

The competition is totally student-led, which means that young people take ownership of their chosen activity and choose to undertake them in areas they enjoy or see as important. This allows young people to explore subjects that they might not necessarily experience in the classroom, giving them a broader perspective and helping them to develop an independent approach, says Ramya Gangadharan, Founder & Director, Little Buddy.  

This online contest will gauge the innate talent and expose the calibre of the participants in 4 activities - Drawing, Dance, Singing and Instrumental Music.  

The contestants are classified into four different age groups of: 

A – 2.5 years to 5 years  

B – 6 years to 10 years  

C – 11 years to 13 years  

D – 14 years to 18 years  

Each participant needs to upload their two minutes of videos or images, showcasing their talent. A panel comprising of eminent jury including Ms. Mariyam Unoosha, Singer and Songwriter; RoboMan, Dancer & Performer and Ms. Soumya Sudheesh, Artist & Esthetic Painter, will judge the talent and declare the winners.  

The interested participants can register by logging on  

Little Buddy Talentz is all about Creativity at its Best. Every child has got his/her own unique talent which we need to understand and identify and help them to hone these skills and achieve their goals. Little Buddy Talentz is the right roadmap for every child to showcase their talents worldwide, says Lajesh Balan, Director Media Bytes.  

Little Buddy Talentz’s partners for Maldives: 

Ooredoo Maldives – Digital Partner, Maldives

MV+ - Online Media Partner, Maldives 

Kuaza Institute – Online Partner, Maldives  

Little Buddy Talentz provides a spectacular avenue for young talent to showcase their ability to the world and win the World Title. It provides the necessary impetus to excel and reach out for the stars, says Maizar Adam, Global Partner for Maldives (+960 7896715).  

As the first season begins in Maldives, Little Buddy Talentz will expand its footprint by The top 16 entries from each country will compete on a global platform to stand a chance of being ranked among the World's best four and gaining global recognition.  


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