Sun Island Resort Wins ‘Luxury Eco Resort’ at World Luxury Hotel Awards 2021

PUBLISHED October 14, 2021 | updated October 14, 2021 04:14

Sun Island Resort & Spa has been awarded the 2021 award for Luxury Eco Resort in the Indian Ocean Islands at the World Luxury Hotel Awards.  

Established in 2006, The World Luxury Hotel Awards is a pinnacle of achievement for the luxury hotel industry offering international recognition as voted by guests, travelers and key industry players alike. 

Villa Hotels & Resorts adventurous and family-friendly resort, Sun Island Resort & Spa is celebrated for its spectacular natural beauty, signature Indian Ocean experiences and innovative sustainability efforts. As modern and innovative eco resorts, Villa Hotels & Resorts are proud of the nature-friendly initiatives and various conservation programs at the Maldives collection of resorts. 

Sun Island Resort & Spa boasts a lush tropical environment with extensive botanical gardens which produce more than 20,000 coconuts per month as well as a wide variety of tropical fruits, vegetables and herbs which are picked and served in the restaurants across the resort. In addition to the fertile environment, the island is also home to various migratory birds which take shelter within the dense tropical vegetation on the island. With such a thriving abundance of nature yet a fragile environment, the resort has implemented eco-friendly techniques to reduce energy consumption, save water and recycle, in addition to regular clean-ups which are held on the island and nearby sandbank. 

The highly acclaimed award for Luxury Eco Resort in the Indian Oceans is a testament to Sun Island Resort & Spa’s passionate efforts towards a sustainable future. The resort pledges to continue to support the ecological balance of the island while demonstrating commitment to achieving best practices of environmental and social sustainability. 


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