Master Chef Luca Massimiliano Radice Appointed Ambassador of World Master Chefs Society

Culinary News
PUBLISHED March 17, 2022

Executive Chef at Vilamendhoo Resort / Master Chef Luca Massimiliano Radice has been appointed as the Ambassador for World Master Chefs Society.  Luca is the first chef in the Maldives and Europa to hold two Ambassador titles of Master Chef level.

Master Chef Luca has been recognized for leading multi-faceted culinary programs and reshaping consumer experiences: Appointed Denmark's representative Ambassador For (CSF) Chefs Sans Frontiers (2022), Appointed Official Ambassador World Master Chef society (2022) (WMCM) 2021 Member OF World Master Chefs Society (MWMCS) (2021), Awarded with Diploma in Culinary Excellence 2021, Award-winning Culinary Order of Merit medal (2021) holds the prestigious title of World Chefs Certified Master Chef (WCMC) and World Chefs Certified Executive Chef (WCEC) World Association of Chefs' Societies (WACS), and City & Guilds. He has worked in the major American and European 5 and 6-star Cruise line brands, and in 5-star hotel chains in the Middle East and East Africa as Area Corporate Executive Chef with the mission and purpose of delivering the best culinary experience to guests, merging traditions with innovative and interactive contemporary trends. His hobbies include fishing, swimming, hiking, and traveling. 

The World Master Chefs Society evolved from the International Academy of Chefs founded in 1947 by Jean Conil, Marius Dutreym Adolf Cadier, Cyprien Jurien, B. Callderoni and Len Howe. 

"Founded over 50 years ago the World Master Chefs Society now has worldwide members in 50 countries and is the only Society certified to award the title of World Master Chef, Qualifications of the highest standard are required for members, including the Master Chefs City and Guilds Certificate.World Master Chefs to foster their culinary wisdom and creativity within their kitchens and communities and share their global stories to promote the social, educational, environmental and inspirational impact of our industry. We recognize and reward talented professional chefs and we exclusively invite them to join the Society, connecting our international members and sharing their wealth of knowledge, experience and ability that they have collected over the years."

Master Chef Luca was appointed Denmark's representative Ambassador For (CSF) Chefs Sans Frontiers (2022) in the charity association founded by the famous Celebrity Master chef  Alan Coxon where the most important and celebrity master chefs in the world collaborate such as 35 Ambassadors that includes Chef Luca, and the likes of the Private chef to the Pope at Vatican city, The Private chef to Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall, HRH Prince Rina of Madagascar, many Michelin star chefs from UK, Sweden, Japan, Spain, and in countries ranging for Peru, Mexico, Bulgaria, Lebanon, Vietnam.



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