Scuba Schools International Partners with Lifeguard Academy Maldives to Provide Lifeguard Training Programmes for Tourist and Local Facilities

PUBLISHED March 02, 2021

Since 2018 Scuba Schools International (SSI) has been working hard within the Maldives to train lifeguards and improve in-water safety for tourist and local facilities which offer in-water activities. Here the main goal has always been to improve the inwater safety at beaches and public swim areas, as well as to provide additional career opportunities for Maldivian youth. 

The SSI lifeguard program was created by SSI with the help of international training director Michael Schroeder. This program has the highest level of training available and includes the most important skills required by most countries and is recognised in many countries at a national level. 

Since the recently implemented regulation (nr. 2020/r-27) from the ministry of tourism, which states that all tourist facilities which offer in-water activities must have lifeguards on duty and emergency plans in place, SSI, together with Lifeguard Academy Maldives, have put together a plan of action to see that as many facilities can get their staff trained ready to meet this deadline. 

Starting on 15th March 2021, the SSI lifeguard program includes a theoretical part, which although is currently in English, this will be translated into Dhivehi along with the SSI React Right course which covers all emergency first and secondary aid training. With an easy to use app and high quality training materials, students can already start to learn at their own pace at home in preparation for the course. During the course there will be classroom learning and a lot of in-water practice and drills to make sure that each candidate is able to perform every skill at the highest standard. Students must pass all parts of the course in order to obtain the lifeguard rating and must continue to train throughout the year participating in an update to prove their fitness and rescue abilities every two years. 

As this is something new for many tourist operations, Lifeguard Academy Maldives is offering consultation for resorts and local tourist facilities to advise how they should position their lifeguard posts, where to locate the first aid kits, rescue equipment needed and assist in creating an emergency plan specific to their island and atoll. 

All training will be conducted using the latest technology in high quality rescue equipment, and additional rescue seabob/Jet ski training can be taught for those facilities that use or require the use of rescue seabobs/ jet skis to keep their visitors safe. 

If you are in need of lifeguard training or lifeguards for your tourist facility, please contact the director of Lifeguard Academy Maldives, Mr. Mohamed Jalal +960 791 3450 or SSI Area Manager Maldives, Mr. Martin Langenberg +960 7940774 




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