Unbeatable Cooling with IFB FastCool AC’s - Innovation Meets Performance

PUBLISHED April 16, 2024

The scorching sun can turn your sanctuary into an inferno. Imagine the disappointment of seeking refuge in your air-conditioned comfort zone, only to discover a malfunctioning unit. This scenario, unfortunately, is a common frustration many faces.

However, there's no need to resign yourself to a day of discomfort.  Not all air conditioners are created equal.  IFB FastCool AC’s stand out as a superior solution, delivering unmatched innovation, exceptional quality, and a proven track record of excellence.

IFB prioritizes customer satisfaction by offering a zero-compromise approach. Their commitment to cutting-edge technology and exceptional build quality ensures reliable performance, even during the hottest ­days.

The IFB range of air conditioners comes equipped with innovative features such as the Air Purification System, Auto Cleaning, and Anti-Bacterial Filter. The air purification system removes dust, pollen, and other allergens, providing clean and fresh air. The auto-cleaning feature automatically cleans the air conditioner's filter, eliminating the need for frequent manual cleaning. The anti-bacterial filter removes bacteria and other harmful micro-organisms from the air, helping to keep your family safe and healthy.

Before an IFB AC reaches your home, it has undergone extensive testing to ensure its performance, reliability and durability. IFB leaves no stone unturned in its quest for perfection, subjecting its ACs to various simulations and stress tests. IFB FastCool ACs are designed to conquer extreme temperatures. They can function flawlessly in ambient conditions that exceed the country's hottest recorded temperature, guaranteeing exceptional cooling performance no matter how high the temperature climbs.

We at Astrabon understands the unique challenges faced by ACs in coastal regions, where exposure to air mixed with dust and salt can lead to extensive corrosion. In fact, most rusting starts from the stand as a result of exposure to weather conditions and poor material or finish quality. To address this, IFB has developed an Automotive Grade Weatherproof coating for the outdoor unit and the stand. This specialized high temperature silver powder coating, along with the industry-leading stainless-steel nuts and bolts used in the outdoor unit stand will effectively protects against weather and pollution stresses such as rain, dust, UV sunlight and pollutants. Similar to how the paint on a car doesn't get corroded, the IFB ACs with Automotive Grade Weatherproof coating exhibit exceptional durability and an extended lifespan.

Safety is a top priority in IFB ACs and the Electronic Control Box (ECB) takes it to the next level. Made of BMC (Bulk Moulding Compound) material, the fire-proof ECB acts as a protective shield against fire hazards caused by sparks from the PCB. In the rare event of a spark, the fire-resistant properties of the ECB prevent the fire from spreading, ensuring the safety of both the AC unit and the surrounding area.

The choice of materials is crucial in determining the durability of an AC and IFB ACs excel in this aspect. They feature 100% copper piping with inner grooved tubes, which enhances heat transfer efficiency and prevents the build-up of debris and corrosion. Copper is renowned for its durability and reliability, making it an ideal choice for long-lasting AC performance.

In summary, IFB air conditioners are a great choice for any home or office. With their energy-efficient designs, advanced features, and reliable performance, IFB provides you with a high-quality air conditioning system that will last years. So why wait? Astrabon gives you an easy access for convenience. Get your IFB air conditioner today and experience the difference for yourself.


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