Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts reveals new culinary plans

PUBLISHED December 09, 2019

Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts is seeing a drastic expansion in the Middle East Market with an increase of 250 per cent in room nights compared to last year, informs Stephane Laguette, senior vice-president Sales & Marketing.

"We were not very well known in the Middle East but that has changed over the last one year. We are getting more interest from Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Qatar. Although our numbers are small we can say that we have gone from 200 room nights from the region to more than 600 in the space of a year."

The Hotels & Resorts brand will be bringing in exclusive bubblies and grapes that no one else is serving in the Indian Ocean. "We are going with boutique, terroir products. Our team is going to some very high quality, small producers, producers that people don't know about, to source our drinks and in the process, moving away from the big names."

Atmosphere wants the guests to have something which is unique and hence they will be moving in the direction to have products which cannot be found elsewhere.

"Its not just exclusive grapes and bubblies, we are doing the same thing for vinegars, we source our balsamic from a specific area in Italy, we source our breads from a certain area in Germany, and so on and so forth."

Going forward, Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts is planning to take a leap into food festivals as part of their plans, no charges extra. "Another thing we are currently working on is food festivals headlined by two or three Michelin star chefs, who we bring to our restaurants for a week. Our guests will find that the food festival is part of their plan and no supplement needs to be paid. We are working with a couple of chefs and the idea is to have more food festivals in 2020.

"We are currently putting the final details together on a chocolate festival, which will be in collaboration with a big brand. Theres also a Japanese food festival on the cards.

"With the exclusive food festivals, we have certainly taken the plan to another level."

Atmosphere Kanifushi is having the first just-veg food festival in the Maldives, for which the property has partnered with a one Michelin-star Italian chef, Fabrizio Marino who specialises in vegetarian food. "He will be training in our team, changing the menu, and for one week our guests will enjoy a special food festival without any extra cost."

Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts is a fast-growing Indian Ocean Hotels & Resorts group based in the Maldives, which offers different types of premium all-inclusive plans.

Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts opened its first property, Atmosphere Kanifushi, in December 2013. The group opened its second property, OBLU by Atmosphere at Helengeli, in November 2015; followed by their flagship Lifestyle Luxury sub-brand, OZEN by Atmosphere, in July 2016; and then OBLU Select at Sangeli, which opened in July 2018. The most recent opening has been VARU by Atmosphere, which offers the Platinum Plus Plan.

Creating immersive journeys through the rich cultures of the Indian Ocean; Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts offer unique encounters, colourful traditions, passionate spirit, and heartfelt warmth. With authentic local experiences at the core of everything done, the resort is passionate about providing the guests with a true taste of life in the Indian Ocean Region - marrying value and bliss in one wholesome experience.


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