Association of Travel Agents announces new Executive Board members

PUBLISHED February 18, 2020

Association of Travel Agents (ATA) has announced new members for its Executive Board.

Founded in October 2014, ATA Maldives comprises and represents the interests of the travel agents and tour operators of the Maldives, to serve and strengthen the travel industry in the Maldives. ATA has been an active organization and has taken part in various travel events around the world.

New executive board members of ATA includes:

Yousuf Riffath - President (Capital Travels)

Mohamed Ali - V. President (Falim group CEO)

Mohamed Riyaz - V. President (Lets go Maldives CEO)

Mohamed Haris - Secretary General (former MD of MMPRC

Rasha Ahmed - Deputy Secretary General

Dr. Ahmed Adham Abdulla - Legal Advisor (former MD Of MTCC

Abdul Rasheed Nafiz - Spokes Person (Formers Transports authority chairman)

Mohamed Ali - Public Media (in Maldives CEO)

Ahmed Shaushaan Treasurer (MD maldives holiday collections)

Ibrahim Shareef - Public Relation (Executive Director of Furaveri Maldives)


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