Tekkers Greater Male Cup Starts

PUBLISHED December 04, 2023 | updated December 04, 2023 03:22

Last night marked the commencement of the Tekkers Greater Male Cup, a night that will be etched in the memory of Maldives futsal enthusiasts. The Rehendhi Ground played host to a spectacular opening ceremony, signaling the start of an 18-day-long tournament of futsal. Distinguished Chief guests, including former referee Ali Saleem and Deputy General Manager of Dhivehi Insurance, Ahmed Adam, added a touch of prestige to the event.

The short but impactful opening ceremony exemplified the tournament's commitment to celebrating the essence of the sport – unity, sportsmanship, and the love of the game. Former referee Ali Saleem and Ahmed Adam, representing Dhivehi Insurance, were welcomed as special guests, underscoring the tournament's significance in the community.

The first matchday delivered a series of heart-stopping encounters, captivating the audience with skillful displays and fierce competition. The results of the four matches held on the inaugural day were as follows:

 - Squadra Sports Club 3 - 1 The One Sports Club

 - Red Barrels 0 - 2 Rampage

 - Gaafaru FT 3 - 3 BG Sports Club

 - Rois de La'Venir 3 - 8 Fasgandu FC

The matches showcased the caliber of talent and the competitive spirit that defines the Tekkers Greater Male Cup. As the night concluded, the air was thick with excitement, leaving fans eager for more action in the days to come.

Tonight's fixtures promise to sustain the tournament's further:

 - Kelaa Futsal Team vs. Halaboli

 - Club Teenage vs. JJ Sports Club

 - Baakee Sports Club vs Fasthari Futsal club

 - ARRC vs. Goalhi Sports Club

The Tekkers Greater Male Cup organizers invite fans to continue supporting their favorite teams and witness the unfolding drama as the tournament progresses.


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