Astrabon Caters to 95% of Tourism Stakeholders

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PUBLISHED February 20, 2022 | updated February 20, 2022 05:43

Leading supplier and distributor of high-quality kitchenware and restaurant supplies, Astrabon Maldives was established in 2002, with the aim of enhancing the Maldives catering business with top-notch products from reliable brands.   

Founded by Yoosuf Riffath, CEO of Capital Travel & Tours, Astrabon is part of the network of companies under Capital Group. An inspiring entrepreneur, Riffath sought opinions of key people in the tourism industry, visiting resort islands/hotels and events, where the idea came to provide an easier and convenient access to high-quality products in the Maldives.  

Now catering to over 95% of Maldives tourist establishments, including luxury resorts and hotels, Astrabon holds its reputation high with a varying range of kitchenware and F&B related accessories from globally-renowned manufacturers. They are selected from top hotel product exhibitions held in Europe, which are attended annually by the Astrabon team.   

Its product brand portfolio includes Pujadas, Vicrila, Arvan, Carttec, Jay cutlery from Spain, Bron Coucke, Santos and MATFER from France, Tango, Bartuff, from Australia, Felix Solingen, Giesser Messer, Newmaker, Bartscher, from Germany, GCS, from USA, Agneli, delongi, Eme, Rivolta, from Italy, Athena from the United Kingdom, Rak porcelain, from Dubai and Gural, from Turkey, as well as Baralee ceramic, from Thailand.  

Complying with international health and hygiene standards, all products supplied by Astrabon are ISO and NFS certified, maintaining the required class standards of the products extended for buyers. They can expect durable and convenient supplies; utensils, crystal clear glassware and pristine cookware. In addition, the company has unveiled housekeeping machineries including air conditions, washing machines and more from trusted brands.   

Now, one of the largest suppliers of appliances in the Maldives, Astrabon’s venture into the industry has been made successful with the efforts of Mr. Riffath and his adherence to the values of commitments, maintaining business transparency and preserving responsibility.


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