Male Water and Sewerage Company Celebrates 23 Years of Services

PUBLISHED April 25, 2018

A colourful function was held last night at Dharubaaruge to mark the 23rd anniversary of Male' Water and Sewerage Company.

Opening Remarks were given at the ceremony by the Managing Director of MWSC Mr. Fazul Rasheed where he highlighted the important achievements of MWSC over the past years.  the chief guest of the ceremony, Minister of environment and energy Mr. Thoriq Ibrahim also remarked and praised the achievements of MWSC when he spoke at the function.

Furthermore, 26 awards in 9 categories and 14 awards were handed out to recognise the efforts and services of the MWSC staff.Staff who have worked in the company for 20 and 10 years were also recognised and given awards by chief guest, Mr. Thoriq Ibrahim.

Male Water and Sewerage Company which was established on the 1st of April 1995, is the first organisation in the Maldives to institute a water production and wastewater management system. Since then, the Company has worked diligently to provide the people of Male with potable water and manage wastewater sustainably, and at present serves approximately more than 50% of the Maldivian population

Today, MWSC has become a multi-disciplinary engineering and manufacturing organisation, as a visionary providing engineering solutions for integrated utilities and as a manufacturer of its own range of products.


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