No Plastic Maldives Announces Affiliation with Maldiviana Group

PUBLISHED October 08, 2022 | updated October 08, 2022 04:21

Last September, No Plastic Maldives and Maldiviana Group revealed its affiliation during a special ceremony held at Ritrella, currently, the Maldives’ largest safari vessel. 

The ceremony was attended by the Minister of Tourism Dr. Abdulla Mausoom, Managing Director of MMPRC Thayyib Mohamed, no plastic and Maldiviana Group Board members, and WAMCO members.  

Speaking during the event, Minister of Tourism Dr. Abdulla Mausoom emphasized the significance of environmental protection and passing on a clean environment to future generations in a sustainable way. He also noted No Plastic's efforts to address the myriad issues confronting Maldives' delicate ecosystem, particularly single-use plastic trash. Dr. Mausoom continued by saying that the government's efforts to ban single-use plastic from the Maldives have been strengthened by the No Plastic Maldives project, which was established in conjunction with Maldiviana. 

Arthur Lipov, Chairman of Maldiviana Group and International Executive Director of No Plastic Maldives, added that he was lucky to witness the real beauty of the Maldivian ocean 30 years ago, but that the beauty is now gradually fading due to a variety of factors. "It is heartbreaking to witness humans destroying their habitats and ecosystems, in addition to global warming and climate change. It is worth noting that the effort done by No Plastic Maldives will result in a significant amount of work to restore the Maldives' beauty, " Arthur said.  

Discussions were also presented throughout the event about the detrimental impacts of single-use plastic pollution on the environment, sensitive ecosystems, and human health. Anastasia Stacey, International Media Director of No Plastic Maldives, outlined the actions that No Plastic Maldives would be doing in the coming days to alter the situation in the Maldives in a presentation. 


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