Manta Air Appoints Villa Travels as Passenger Sales Agent

Movers and Shakers
PUBLISHED March 06, 2024

Manta Air, the Maldivian airline known for its reliable domestic flights and recent foray into international travel, has appointed Villa Travels as its official Passenger Sales Agent. This exciting partnership promises smoother connections and wider accessibility for travelers seeking to explore the Maldives’ stunning destinations.

Manta Air offers travelers not only convenient connections between Maldivian airports but also the unique experience of seaplane travel. This allows for breathtaking aerial views of the archipelago’s countless idyllic islands and hidden gems. Additionally, their recent launch of international flights from Dhaalu Airport to Bangalore, India, marks a significant step towards expanding their reach.

Through this strategic partnership, Villa Travels, with its extensive network and expertise in Maldivian tourism, will play a key role in promoting Manta Air’s diverse services to a broader global audience.

Seamless Journeys, Unforgettable Escapes

This collaboration promises a seamless travel experience for visitors seeking to discover the magic of the Maldives. Villa Travels’ in-depth knowledge of the islands, combined with Manta Air’s comprehensive network of seaplane and domestic flights, ensures a smooth journey from arrival to final destination.

A Paradise Within Reach

With Manta Air’s reliable connections and Villa Travels’ expert planning, exploring the unparalleled beauty of the Maldives is now easier than ever. Whether it’s a luxurious retreat on a secluded island, an adventure diving amidst vibrant coral reefs, or a cultural immersion in the rich heritage of the islands, the Maldives offers experiences for every traveler.


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