Qahwa Offers the Best Cold Brew in Town

PUBLISHED December 12, 2020 | updated December 12, 2020 10:39

Qahwa (wine of the bean) is the Arabic word for coffee. The local coffee brand, Qahwa supports the transition from a throw-away society to a zero-waste society with its concept centered for community. 

The brewing process of Qahwa is a combination of the time-honored art of classical craft brewing and carefully applied state-of-the-art, modern brewery methods. 

In order to involve and support small local businesses, spent coffee grounds are collected and supplied to local compost soil & scrub producers. Using 100 percent Arabica beans, Qahwa started off with Cold Brew Classic label and later introduced the Black label. Cold Brew Classic is a bit fruity, floral and mellow-like while the Black Label is of a stronger, dark and chocolaty flavor.   

Cutting waste always feels good, but there's something extra special about reusing what you've already consumed. Returned bottles are given MVR 5 & MVR 10 off from the next order to encourage customers to return, refill and reuse the bottles. 

Qahwa is now available at several restaurants and café’s including SUS Café, Lavendar Restaurant, LeSouq Café, Coffee Residence, Hangout Garden, Velaa Express, The Corner Snack Bar and Retro Café & Bistro. 

Qahwa is a brand of Carbon Partners, a partnership registered under Ministry of Economic Development. Partners being coffee enthusiasts led to launching of Qahwa cold brew, while keeping the environment in mind. In addition to Qahwa cold brew, Carbon Partners contribute to the public via "Achievers" on academics and via "Carbon Copier" for all printing solutions. 

To order your preferred Qahwa cold brew label, contact: 7888657. 


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