Lionfish and the Plastic Bag exhibition by Eagan Badeeu opens

PUBLISHED December 08, 2019

"Lionfish and the Plastic bag" by Eagan Badeeu has opened on December 7 at the National Art Gallery. The second solo exhibition by the artist, he uses this exhibition to explore and shed light upon the impact of environmental degradation on life, both marine and human. Through his paintings and drawings, the artist highlights the effects of this urgent crisis that requires immediate action today.

With the "Lionfish and the Plastic Bag" the artist is said to be, "exploring the various forces competing beneath the surface of the sea: the lionfish symbolizing life, survival and positivity, and the plastic bag, an icon of our negative impact on earth and our slow march towards self-destruction."

Drawing parallel between the residents living on the island above and the marine life struggling to survive below the ocean, he highlights the increasing risk inhabitants face due to, "pollution, climate change and global warming." As the home base of both change over the years, the artist draws our attention to the detrimental effects of single use plastic on our environment but especially upon our marine life. With this exhibition he implores of viewers to ponder on and asks the important question of what we are going to do about this.

"Lionfish and the Plastic bag" will be open for public viewing until the 11th of December 2019 at the National Art Gallery from 10am to 10pm.


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