Allied Insurance Staff Takes Part in Making the Picnic Island, Kuda Giri Greener

PUBLISHED July 24, 2022 | updated July 24, 2022 03:17

Allied Insurance of Maldives has carried out a Tree Planting Event at the newly developed picnic island, Kuda Giri. Over 60 employees participated in the event that was held under Allied’s ‘Green for Good’ initiative.  

Allied company thanked the Government and Maldives Transport and Contracting Company Plc (MTCC) for allowing them to participate in making the island greener prior to its opening on Independence Day. Allied also expressed gratitude and appreciated the efforts of their employees in showing a good example for others by standing up to care for the environment through these initiatives.  

Along with further such activities, Allied aims to extend support to the Maldivian community with responsible actions put together and promoted for the good of the environment and the people.  

As a small nation located in the equator, Maldives faces various environmental issues and is most vulnerable in regards to the resulting impacts from changes to the environment. Therefore, Allied always prioritizes conducting activities in the most eco-friendly way. In 2019, Allied introduced the ‘Green for Good’ pledges to promote and encourage use of less paper while utilizing digital platforms and more eco-items in the work environment.  


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