Maldivers Diving Centre Introduces Professional Diving Programs for Maldivian Fishermen

PUBLISHED July 11, 2023 | updated July 11, 2023 03:47

Maldivers Diving Centre, located in Dhiffushi, Malé Atoll, has announced the launch of professional diving programs tailored specifically for Maldivian fishermen. This initiative is made possible through generous funding provided by the Ministry of Economic Development. Interested individuals can apply to participate in these programs through the JobCentre Portal.

In collaboration with Scuba Schools International (SSI), a globally recognized organization renowned for its commitment to high-quality scuba diving education and certification, Maldivers offers comprehensive training programs that prioritize safety and utilize modern teaching techniques.

Maldivers now provides Maldivian fishermen with access to a range of SSI Dive Programs, including Open Water Diver, Advanced, First Aid, Rescue, and Deep Diver courses. The training programs take into account participants' prior scuba diving certifications and experience.

With a proven track record of successfully training local divers for over 24 years, Maldivers is deeply embedded in the community and dedicated to offering exceptional training opportunities. For more information about the program and to join, please contact Maldivers at 7777532 or email

About Maldivers Diving Centre: Maldivers Diving Centre is a well-established diving facility that has been serving the local community for over 24 years. The centre offers a wide range of scuba diving courses and programs, focusing on delivering high-quality training with a strong emphasis on safety. Actively involved in the community, Maldivers plays a vital role in promoting responsible diving practices and preserving the abundant marine ecosystem of the Maldives.



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