Maldives No Longer on UK Red List

PUBLISHED September 18, 2021 | updated September 18, 2021 01:55

With great effort from the Maldivian Government and everyone involved, Maldives is no longer on the UK Red List.  Commencing from Wednesday 22nd September 2021 eight countries including the Maldives has been removed from the red list.

This comes as happy news to whole of the Tourism Industry. British travelers are among the top source markets for the Maldivian Tourism, Maldives being on the red list has been very much challenged for many segments as the travelers who return after the vacation had to go through a mandatory quarantine which is costly and and time which they have to be stuck due to a vacation. 

Now with this new change in safety status. This will increase traffic of British travelers to the Islands of Maldives.

High commissioner of UK in Maldives Her Excellency Caron Rohsler appreciate the effort made by everyone involved and tweeted mentioning that removing from the red list is a step in safely opening up travel between both countries.


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