The Unprecedented Entertainment Facilities of Aqua Vita Residencies

PUBLISHED November 15, 2020 | updated November 15, 2020 02:08

Are you looking for a living complex with the latest art of the century interior and exterior? With well established services and amenities? Look no further than the prestigious Aqua Vita Residencies, located in Hulhumale, with 98 luxurious apartments scattered amongst 14 storeys. For the market looking for a luxurious life, Aqua Vita Residences have designed their building complex in a manner that the residents can enjoy the warmth of relaxing in a first class apartment, all the while having access to fantastic entertainment and recreational facilities.

The luxury apartment, Aqua Vita Residences, has announced the development of the entertainment and recreational area in their premises. The construction and development work is set to start in November 2020. The development progress of Aqua Vita Residences is extremely remarkable and efficient and the company strives to develop the spectacular entertainment area with the same enthusiasm and energy they had in building the property even amidst the global pandemic.

The entertainment area is designed to have a ground floor parking lot with 8 parking slots, where the visitors to this building can park their vehicles before entering the facility. After a long day at work or spending some time in the extreme heat, we yearn to take a dip or plunge into cool water. Amazingly, the recreational area in Aqua Vita Residences will have a fantastic open air pool where you can swim your stresses away or simply relax into the day. Additionally, you get the luxury of lounging yourselves in the pool deck area, where you can sunbathe in the seating area. A shower area will be made easily accessible with changing rooms and bathrooms separately for both men and women. The rectangular turquoise blissful pool is an open air pool which gives you a breathtaking and spectacular view of the vibrant blue sky.

The rooftop of Aqua Vita Residences promises a picturesque panoramic view of Hulhumale. The rooftop of the entertainment area is an ultimate dream come true! This fantastic rooftop lounge is designed to have outdoor entertainment area with benches and BBQ area, where the residents can lounge and enjoy themselves while experiencing two spectacular views; the breathtaking view of the marine side where all the safaris and yachts are docked and secondly, the remarkably built view of the Hulhumale City with infrastructurally great buildings and parks If you are looking to have a small gathering with your family or friends, the fully air conditioned clubhouse will definitely cater to your needs! This is an excellent choice for gatherings of small groups. The magnificent banquet hall with the capacity of 100 pax, will be a spectacular hall for functions making Aqua Vita Residences twice more convenient. There will be a pantry area, which caters for the needs of the clubhouse as well as the banquet hall.

Amidst hectic daily schedules, it is a hassle to find the best time to go to the gym or go for a run and log your daily workout in as it involves commuting from place to place. Looks like for the residents of Aqua Vita Residences, there is the luxury of having a state of the art gym in the entertainment vicinity. Additionally, the rooftop will have separate restrooms for both genders, which will be easily accessible.

Aqua Vita Residences promises the ultimate entertainment and recreational building that will set new standards in this new era of real estate with unprecedented facilities and services. The very talented team behind the architectural marvel, Aqua Vita Residences assures yet another fantastic facility to be established with the work that is starting in November 2020.


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