Maldives promoted in Passporter App-Spain’s Leading Travel Application

PUBLISHED June 10, 2021 | updated June 10, 2021 03:11

During April 2021, Maldives invited top influencers from Spain to showcase the beauty of Maldives on Passporter App - one of the most widely used travel platforms in the Spanish market. The Maldives was promoted both on the Passporter website and their instagram account with a handle of over 100,000 followers ( 

The influencers wrote informative and engaging articles on Cocoon Maldives, Fushifaru Maldives and Kuramathi Maldives. The opportunity to feature on Passporter was given to these properties after an open circular was sent to Visit Maldives’ industry members. Along with property information, they also produced writings on the unique variety of activities travelers can experience in the Maldives such as staying at a water villa, indulging in atmospheric and serene spas, and water sports such as diving, snorkeling, catamaran, kayaking, wind surfing and fishing among many other experiences. 

Under the campaign, 4 itineraries have been created on Cocoon Maldives, Fushifaru Maldives, and Kuramathi Maldives. Travelers interested in traveling to the Maldives to these aforementioned resorts can take a peek into the variety of experiences offered as well as design their own itineraries based on the content on Passporter App. 

Spain is one of the key markets for Maldives tourism with over 36,064 tourist arrivals recorded in 2019. Spain emerged as one of the top markets right after Maldives re-opened its borders in July 2020. As per latest statistics reports published in February 2021, 4,307 Spanish tourists have arrived in Maldives since borders reopened.

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