Avid College Takes Over the Management and Operation of Addu Flying School

PUBLISHED June 26, 2021 | updated June 26, 2021 11:48

Management and operation of Addu Asian Academy of Aeronautics (AAA) has been handed over to Avid College and renamed as ‘Avid School of Aviation’.  

The agreement was signed between the two companies via a zoom meeting held on Thursday (24 June 2021). Chairman Abdullah Musthaq Rashaad signed on behalf of Avid College. Commenting on the new establishment, Musthaq pointed out that this is the first time for a local company to manage a flying school.  

He further said the decision to acquire all assets of AAA was reached with the students in mind to provide for the needs of enrolled students and work together to come up with solutions for their encountered problems.  

Musthaq shared that the new establishment will also be responsible for the training of cabin crew, aircraft engineers and those in other aviation-related roles in addition to pilots. Avid informs that its current focus is to assist the enrolled students to complete their courses at the earliest. They are also in discussions with International Air Transport Association (IATA) to conduct new training programmes for professionals in aviation.  

Avid College will officially commence flying operations of Avid flying School in September 2021 under the license issued to AAA. However, works are under process to acquire its own license, said Musthaq.  

Avid College also revealed that a new plane will be delivered for flying school operations. 25 percent of its payment will be completed in advance this week, informed the school.  


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