Resort Life Travel Accepts Payment by Cards Issued from All Russian Banks

PUBLISHED September 21, 2022 | updated September 21, 2022 01:45

Resort Life Travel has revealed that they will be accepting payments from cards issued by all Russian banks. With this new service introduced by Resort Life Travel, it will become easier for hotels, resorts, guesthouses, Liveaboards, tour operators and travel agencies in Maldives to receive payments for their respective bookings. 

With an acquiring service fee of no more than 3 - 5% of the card payment amount, Resort Life will assist in getting payments for bookings made by Russians. Even now, in most cases, service providers will pay banks 2.5 - 4% of each card transaction. 

After the Russian - Ukraine issue in February, the US and several European countries placed severe sanctions on Moscow and kicked Russia out of the Swift international payments system. Others speculated that some of the hotels could have foreign investors who don’t want to be subjected to sanctions.  

Talking to The islandchief, Mr. Shaaz Waleed, Managing Director of Resort Life said, “We are happy to help the hotels, resorts and boats who are unable to or have challenges in receiving payments from Russian tourists”.  Now with this assistance, everything is at the fingertip of the industry. 


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