Maldives Cabinet discusses current situation of COVID-19 and future measures to be taken

PUBLISHED April 13, 2020

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih met with the Maldives' Cabinet of Ministers at Muleeaage this afternoon where discussions were held concerning the response and recovery measures implemented by the Government with regards to the global pandemic, Covid-19. 

During the discussion, the main area of focus was the interventions that have been placed in order to contain the spread of COVID-19 throughout the island nation. Furthermore, the Cabinet discussed the global pandemic's socioeconomic impacts on the Maldives, in addition to the steps taken by the Government towards building the country's resilience and minimising projected losses.

All individuals at the meeting acknowledged the effectiveness of the ongoing multi-agency efforts to contain the virus, under the overall supervision of the Health Protection Agency (HPA) and National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA). They also expressed gratitude to the healthcare professionals, volunteers and essential workers for their crucial contributions towards managing this ongoing crisis.

In the Maldives the containment of the outbreak has been managed positively by authorities, thanks to quick and efficient multi-agency action and efforts. The geography of the country has also been playing a major role in containing the spread, with the country being made up of over a thousand tiny islands. Non-essential travel has come to a pause in a bid to control the spread of the virus which infected a total of 20 individuals in the Maldives as of 12th April 2020. However, there are now only 4 active cases in the country and no deaths.


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