PUBLISHED June 10, 2021

The pandemic has brought on many changes to our lifestyle, our organizational routines, and how we operate and run our offices.


We would travel on long-haul flights in the tourism industry, attending a travel trade exhibition, and roadshows, or visiting a vital supplier every other month. Instead of e-mails and phone calls, everyone was gathered together, exchanging ideas, views, and renewal of contracts in one place. The global networks built from our careers are often passed on to the next generation.

Unfortunately, a tremendous change has taken over the past few months, and the world has taken us to an era that we have never planned and prepared for it. We now live in virtual reality— Zoom, Google meet, Skype, WhatsApp, and on and on.


The big question is; are we going to continue to live in virtual reality for years to come despite the chances of overcoming the pandemic with the vaccine? And if we are going to live in the "new normal" throughout it, don't we need to adjust ourselves to global leadership, its challenges, and opportunities? We have learned to work remotely, and we have leaders and followers in different parts of the world. Shall we consider ways to cope with global followers' daily challenges and opportunities who are working remotely?


In this situation, the organization becomes global, and the leader is also universal. Therefore, the leader must consider ways to overcome the challenges and learn how to deal with diverse teams from culturally diverse environments. Can this be solved by having an administrative rule or a corporate culture that everyone should follow irrespective of their background or location?


Contributing Writer

Ibrahim Nizam

CEO, The Grand Associates.

CEO, The Grand Holidays

Former Deputy Minister, Ministry of Environment & Energy.



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