Discover a Fusion of Contemporary Sri Lankan and Maldivian Flavours at Heritance Aarah Ambula Restaurant

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PUBLISHED July 23, 2022 | updated July 23, 2022 02:40

Lush green coconut trees swaying to the tropical breeze, clear water waves gently lapping on the sandy white beach, panoramic views of the tranquil surroundings to be enjoyed from the comfort of your beach villa - the first impression at Heritance Aarah proves to be a lasting one.

At Heritance Aarah, it is not only about the surrounding tropical beauty, the luxurious amenities or high quality of service. It is also about the eclectic range of cuisine that awaits guests at its restaurants, each offering a unique gastronomic journey, tantalizing all senses.

Among its restaurants, ‘Ambula’ stands out for its fusion offering with a truly Asian twist. Offering what the resort calls its very own ‘Heritance Cuisine’ -  a fusion between traditional Sri Lankan and Maldivian flavours; the concept has given birth to dishes that should never be missed, and will be hard to forget.

Diners have the opportunity to embark on an eight-course culinary exploration, which includes anything from aromatic Ambul Thiyal (cold smoked tuna) to Curried Octopus wrapped in Maldivian Roshi.

The secret behind the distinctive flavours are two Culinary Olympic winners, Chef Lalith Gunesekara and Chef Amila Silva. It is their quirky concoction that promises guests with nothing but bliss on the plate. Their flair for the thematic takes precedence as each course is served with a narrative, curating stories with each bite. Enhancing the offering is the nod to sustainability. The tuna and seafood served at the restaurant are purchased from those who engage in sustainable fishing in the local waters. Certain vegetables and herbs part of the menu comes fresh from the ‘Aarah Tharukaaree Dhandhu’ in-resort garden. The resort aims to reduce its purchasing of vegetation with the expansion of the in-resort garden in the next few months. 

Recently, Ambula featured the appearance of a guest chef – Chef Dimuthu Kumarasinghe. Hailing from neighbouring Sri Lanka, he is an iconic chocolatier and Culinary Olympic record holder. During his visit, Chef Dimuthu along with Chefs Lalith and Amila cuarted a special menu focusing on the authentic flavours of the two island nations. Guests were amazed by the transition from one course to another with the desert being a truly wonderful surprise.

As the images here indicate, a visit to Heritance Aarah and a meal at ‘Ambula’, will ensure a truly exclusive experience – one that you will unlikely have elsewhere. 

Heritance Aarah is a part of Aitken Spence Hotels, the hospitality arm of leading Sri Lankan blue-chip conglomerate, Aitken Spence PLC. The Aitken Spence Hotels portfolio consists of 20 hotels, with ten hotels in Sri Lanka, five in Maldives, four in Oman and one in India. Aitken Spence Hotels, which commenced its operations in the Maldives in 1993, has an inventory of 750 rooms.



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