Dhovemi Introduces European Cosmetics and Lifestyle Brand “Rituals” to the Maldives

PUBLISHED September 01, 2021 | updated September 01, 2021 02:13

“Dhovemi” at Velana International Airport has introduced the famous European brand “Rituals” to the Maldives. A special event was held at Velana International Airport to introduce the luxurious brand this morning.

The popular Rituals collection, including perfume, body cream, hair products, body scrub, scented candle, and sun protection cream, is now available at Dhovemi for customers to enjoy.

Maldivian social media influencer, Aminath Jumana (@juma_hendrix8) has been assigned by Rituals as their brand ambassador.

Amsterdam based beauty brand Ritual was launched first in 2000, and now Rituals line of life-enriching products are available in more than 90 countries across the world and is popular amongst all age groups. Rituals is inspired by ancient eastern cultures that respects the past and traditions, it is one of the first brands in the world to combine home & body care.

Dhovemi at Velana International Airport, located next to arrival terminal exit gates, offers a wide range of products, including travel accessories, perfumes, cosmetics, watches, and sunglasses. Dhovemi is targeted to the passengers arriving at Velana International Airport.


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