Advanced Travel Precautions During COVID-19

PUBLISHED June 27, 2021 | updated June 29, 2021 03:51

Since 13 May citizens from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Afghanistan, and Bhutan are not authorized visas due to a very high level of COVID-19 in the Maldives. Visitors from non-South Asian countries are required to follow certain guidelines to prevent the spread of coronavirus and this primarily includes a COVID-19 test.  

During flight 

A mask is compulsory for everyone above 6 years of age. People may not wear a mask due to medical problems or unless cabin crew members instruct them to take off the mask. It is important to inform crew members or the immigration desk if you feel any Covid symptoms.  

Upon arrival 

In the Maldives, visas are given on arrival. Currently, staying on the mainland is not allowed, and for the remaining islands, tourists should get a reservation confirmation from a registered resort or tourist facility.  

Information regarding testing 

PCR rules assert that visitors are required to have a PCR certificate written in English and this certificate must be granted around 3 days before and not longer. A PCR test is mandatory for tourists, airline crew, Maldivian citizens, diplomats, business, or special visa holders who must go through testing and it applies to both vaccinated and unvaccinated categories. No PCR tests for those below 12 months or 1 year.  

Quarantine guidelines 

Travelers with no symptoms don't need to be quarantined upon arrival. Those with COVID Positive results must quarantine for 2 weeks and bear all the cost of their stay.  

Rules of departure  

Visitors, as well as crew members, are obliged to fill a Traveler Health Declaration form before departing from the Maldives. A departure PCR test is also required while returning. This certificate must not be older than 72 hours. The results must be negative during airport check-in. If COVID-19 symptoms develop later, reporting the COVID hotline number is the duty of passengers.  


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