Maldives Marine Industry Forum (MMIF) Unites Decision Makers and Stakeholders to Shape the Future of the Industry

PUBLISHED May 18, 2023 | updated May 18, 2023 01:43

The Maldives Marine Industry Forum (MMIF) is an exclusively held event aimed at gathering high-level decision-makers, stakeholders, and business owners in the marine industry.

Being an invite-only event, it ensures the participation of key individuals who can contribute to shaping the industry and addressing its challenges through constructive dialogue.The forum aims to expand the scope of discussions for the future development of the industry and find innovative solutions to pertinent issues.

MMIF will take place on May 27 at Hotel Jen in Malé. The event will feature five panels covering diverse topics related to the marine industry. These panels will provide a platform for in-depth discussions and exchange of ideas among the attendees. Additionally, there will be two keynote speeches delivered by distinguished speakers who will provide valuable insights and perspectives.

MMIF 2023 is sponsored by the State Trading Organization (STO) as the Platinum sponsor. The signing ceremony of Platinum sponsor took place on May 17, 2023. Hassan Marine Engineering Solutions as the Silver Sponsor, M7 Print as the Print Partner respectively. Several media partners are involved in the event, including Oneonline, Minoos, The islandchief, and FloatingAsia. These partners will contribute to the coverage and promotion of the forum, ensuring its reach and impact are maximized. 

Overall, the Maldives Marine Industry Forum serves as a platform for collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and problem-solving within the marine industry in the Maldives. By bringing together key stakeholders, the forum aims to foster dialogue, address challenges, and drive the future growth and sustainability of the industry.


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