SEMILI’S Opens New Outlet in Maafushi

PUBLISHED March 29, 2022 | updated March 29, 2022 03:55

SEMILI’S has announced the opening of its new fusion food outlet in Maafushi from early March, 2022 onwards. SEMILI’S offers Fusion, Mediterranean, Indian, and local food for the travellers and locals.  

SEMILI’S will be a great addition to food /culinary scene in Maafushi with signature dishes; starters like dumplings, local fused food such as kanamadhu cake and kashikeyo cake & milk shake, Indian classics from butter chicken, biriyani and so on.  

In addition, the signature sauces with Chicken Popcorn, Pizza and Burgers makes it a great outlet for friends and family to hangout or dine.  

SEMILI’S in Maafushi Island opened in Maavadi Aage, Valu Magu (that ran Suzy Café before) & the outlet hotline is 7911333.  



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