HDC conducts Hulhumale lagoon cleaning program

PUBLISHED April 13, 2020

Housing Development Corporation Limited (HDC) has conducted a Hulhumale lagoon cleaning program on 12th April 2020.

According to HDC, 20 jumbo bags of waste were collected from Hulhumale lagoon on Sunday alone. The company urges the public to reduce single-used plastics and to refrain from littering around Hulhumale and other regions of Maldives.

A statement issued by HDC read, "Although our team at HDC continuously strives to clean the surrounding environment of Hulhumale', we need the public support to keep Hulhumalé clean, safe and liveable for everyone."

HDC undertakes and manages the overall planning and building of the reclaimed city of Hulhumalé the Maldives biggest and most ambitious urban development project. Currently working towards creating Hulhumalé to become the nations first sustainable city, the corporation undertakes projects of hospitality, industrial, recreational, commercial and residential in nature, while introducing new opportunities on a scale previously never seen before in the country.


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