Tourism Organizations Working Together Assures Full Support to the Government in Overcoming COVID-19

PUBLISHED May 06, 2020

Since March 2020, majority of the active tourism and hospitality related associations in the Maldives have been engaged in collaborative work supporting the government in overcoming the affects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The associations include;

  • Guest house association of Maldives (GAM)
  • Maldives Association of Travel Agents and Tour operators (MATATO)
  • Association of Travel Agents (ATA)
  • National Bating Association of Maldives (NBAM)
  • Divers Association of Maldives (DAM)
  • Maldives Association of Yacht Agents (MAYA)

Just before the announcement of a full lockdown in the greater Male' area by HPA, heads of the associations met with the Minister of Economic Development Hon. Uz Fayyaz Ismail, Minister of Tourism Hon. Ali Waheed as well as the Tax Commissioner.

During the meetings and discussions held, the associations pointed out the efforts of the government in introducing moratorium and relief loans, while also emphasizing the need to increase the entitlement and promptness to realise said loans.

The association also gave the assured their support and will to give full corporation to the government as plans to open the Maldives' borders in late June or early July are being put in place. The members informed that they have been having regular digital meetings while analyzing the situation daily.

The members unanimously agreed that while tourism is the main source of income to the economy, constant dialogue and all working together with clear precautionary measures is vital to ensure smooth operations once the Maldives reopens its shores.  


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