Singapore Airlines Launches 787-10 Dreamliner Service To The Maldives

PUBLISHED July 13, 2019

Singapore has launched a Dreamliner to the dream destination "Maldives".

This direct route from a massive international hub such as Singapore onboard one of the worlds best airlines (in a new excellent aircraft no less) will mean the Maldives will be more accessible for the luxury traveler than ever before.

The Maldives are world renowned for their white beaches, excellent climate, and amazing hospitality. The countrys remote nature means that it is off the beaten track.

Currently, Singapore Airlines, Singapores low-cost carriers Scoot and Silk Air fly between the two airports. Judging by the prices, it is a big bargain to upgrade to the more premium carrier (although Scoot still offers a great option for those budget conscious travelers).

As Singapore is a massive international hub, it is now possible to easily reach the Maldives from many destinations around the world, a real win for the local tourism industry. The new route will take around four and a half hours and will fly daily.

Openskies agreement between the Maldives and Singapore:
This new route is only possible thanks to an open skies agreement between Singapore and the Maldives. Signed just on the 1st July, it allows both countries to run as many services between each country and beyond (as a fifth freedom flight) as they like. This includes cargo and passenger flights.

Although Singapore has been running a direct service between the islands since 1984, it is the first time it has been done under an open skies agreement and using a Boeing Dreamliner.

"[The agreement] underscores the strong bilateral ties between Singapore and Maldives, and will enable greater movement of people and goods between the two countries to benefit both our economies" Singapore Senior Minister of State for Transport Lam Pin Min

As both Singapore and the Maldives are island nations, they have much in common.

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