Universal Foundation Announces Special Medical Scholarship in Honor of Late Dr. Ibrahim Umar Maniku

PUBLISHED May 04, 2023 | updated May 06, 2023 04:01

A special scholarship prospect has been opened in honor of the late Dr. Ibrahim Umar Maniku by the Universal Foundation. This prospect provides Maldivian doctors interested in furthering their education from any medical university in the UK, with the opportunity of specializing in areas that are in high demand in the Maldives. The deadline for application is 30th June 2023.

Criteria for Scholarship in Memory of Dr. Ibrahim Umar Maniku:

1. Must be a Maldivian.

2. The study programme must be in the field of medicine.

3. The study programme must be Post Graduate level (Specialization).

4. The University that offers the study programme must be within the United Kingdom.

5. Must have obtained a letter confirming the University placement.

6. The candidate must meet the UK student visa requirements.

7. The applicant must have completed MBBS.

8. The applicant must have worked in Maldives for at least two years after MBBS.

9. Among the applicants, preference will be given to the candidate who chose to study a medical specialization which is a skill shortage area in the Maldives.

10. Must pass a selection interview.

11. Must work in the Maldives after the programme based on the agreement.

Universal Foundation is a body dedicated towards contributing to the alleviation in the well-being of the community through human development and humanitarian efforts focused on education, health, and community care. Since 2014, Universal Foundation has provided more than 204 scholarships, out of which 51 were in the Medical field. This special scholarship is in remembrance of a beloved member of the Universal family, late Dr. Ibrahim Umar Maniku, who passed away in November 2020.

Dr. Umar is highly regarded as a significant element in the reformation of the anesthesiology department in Male’ Central Hospital where he worked as the first anesthesiologist of the hospital. Having specialized in Anesthesiology from the Universitätsklinikum in Halle after completing MBBS at the University of Leipzig in Germany, Dr. Umar joined and became an integral part of the hospital, playing a crucial role in the donation of advanced equipment to the hospital.

His contribution to Maldives transcends beyond that of the medical field, extending to trade and tourism. In 1987, Dr. Umar founded Palm Tree Resorts on Veligandu Huraa in South Male’ Atoll and played a key role in the advancement of the tourism sector through the introduction of overseas joint ventures. Following this, he introduced carbonated drinks to Maldives by coming up with first ever bottling plant in the country, with the incorporation of Male’ Aerated Water Company in 1989.

His contributions to the tourism industry of the Maldives are immeasurable and Dr. Ibrahim Umar Maniku will always be remembered as a pioneer in both tourism and in the medical field.  


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