Secret Paradise Maldives local guide team refreshed their Emergency First Response and LifeGuard Certification.

PUBLISHED May 30, 2022 | updated May 30, 2022 21:04

Local Tour company, Secret Paradise Maldives has announced that their local guide team have this month refreshed their Emergency First Response and  LifeGuard  Certification, following completion of courses with Dive Point Maldives, involving practical and written examinations.

Co-Founder, Ruth Franklin states “In a destination where many activities are based on the water and where all our guests are likely to travel at some point on the ocean it is important for our team to be fully qualified and prepared for all eventualities. 

Education and training are the foundation of safety. Through structured interaction and training, our guide team has refreshed their water-positive and emergency attitudes and skills. Skills which may ultimately save lives or avert what may be life threatening situations.  I congratulate all participants for their individual performances, they have attained a skill set that they should be very proud of and one that is particularly important within the Maldives, where so many opportunities for employment as well as recreational time are water-based.”

Tourism has seen an increase in demand for responsible experiential travel opportunities and Secret Paradise Maldives recognises that not only do they have a responsibility to provide their guests with memorable local experiences, they also have a responsibility for their health and safety. As a business, they have standard operating practices in place that cover health and safety, product risk assessments for all tours and an annual audit inspection of the guesthouses with whom they partner. Guests are provided with safety briefings before boarding any vessel, ensuring life jackets are made available and before entering the water for ocean experiences.

Secret Paradise is an award winning, responsible, and sustainable tour company based in the Maldives. In 2020 they were commended in the ‘Meaningful Connections’ category World Responsible Tourism Awards and long listed for the 2015 'Best for engaging people and culture' category, World Responsible Tourism Awards. They also have received TripAdvisor's Travelers Choice Award 2020, following 5 consecutive years of achieving TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence. 


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