Amilla Maldives Receives EarthCheck Silver Certification in Recognition for its Sustainability Achievements

PUBLISHED November 04, 2021 | updated November 04, 2021 00:56

After working hard to make the island sustainable, Amilla Maldives Resort and Residences is celebrating becoming EarthCheck Silver Certified. EarthCheck is the leading environmental benchmarking programme in the global travel and tourism industry.   

From collecting precious rainwater to energy reduction projects, the achievement was two years in the making. Efforts included producing and bottling desalinated, mineralized water on-site as well as using the island's plentiful space to grow as many vegetables, fruit and herbs as possible. The management of waste on the island also plays a part. The new waste processing facility, ‘The UN’ (short for ‘UNdo the Harm in the World’) sorts all of the island’s waste, identifying much of it for recycling.  

Amilla also made many inroads in reducing the volume of waste through bulk purchasing items, as well as sourcing compostable products, such as vacuum pack bags and pot scrubbers.  

The Islanders are also planning a solar outdoor lighting project, which launches soon. 

Amilla Maldives’ Sustainability and Wellness Manager, Victoria Kruse, took on the challenge of making Amilla sustainable in 2019. Two years down the line, she is delighted to see the hard work paid off.   

Victoria says: “The EarthCheck Silver certification recognises the concerted efforts the whole Amilla team has made over the past two years in devising, committing to and implementing the many sustainability initiatives we have put in place. As the resort’s first-ever Sustainability and Wellness Manager, I could not be more proud of our team in supporting these measures, both the ones we’ve achieved and those planned in the future.   

“Sustainability and reducing the impact on our environment can only come from a whole team effort, and the Silver Certification we received today is an important external recognition of all the hard work that our whole team makes in these efforts," she adds.   

Victoria was also the brains behind the resort’s hugely popular ‘Wellness Your Way’ (WYW) menus, featuring fresh produce grown steps away from the restaurants, in Amilla’s new organic gardens. These unique menus cater to guests with special dietary requirements, such as gluten-free diets, as well as lifestyle diets such as keto and paleo.   

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