Grand Opening of Cocco Club Thoddoo Maldives Adds Exquisite Culinary Experience to the Island Paradise

Culinary News
PUBLISHED April 07, 2024

In a remarkable addition to the vibrant tourism scene of the Maldives, Cocco Club Thoddoo officially opened its doors on April 3, 2024. Nestled in the heart of Alif Alif Thoddoo, this new culinary hotspot promises to elevate the dining experience for locals and tourists alike.

With a dedication to showcasing diverse global cuisines with the unique essence of the Maldives curated by the skilled hands of Alessio Napoli, hailing from Italy. Its specialties include Kara Steak, Cocco Specials featuring coconut-infused dishes, and the irresistible Lonumirus Pizza. Join for a delightful dining experience with the incredible Cocco Team.

Co-founders and owners, Alessio Napoli and Ibraim Ikram Rashad, bring to the table a wealth of experience garnered from over 15 years in the tourism and hospitality industry. Their vision is clear - to provide guests with unparalleled service and create unforgettable moments that will linger in the memory long after the meal is over. 




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