Maldives Showcases Halal Tourism at Muslim Travel Show 2024

PUBLISHED March 05, 2024 | updated March 05, 2024 04:02

Maldives Halal Travel (MHT) represented at the recently concluded Muslim Travel Show 2024, held from February 24 - 25 at Excel London. This annual event, now in its sixth year, caters to both Muslim and non-Muslim audiences seeking halal travel options, consumer goods, dining experiences, and cultural activities around the world.

The Muslim Travel Show was part of a larger event organized by the British Islamic Trade Association (BITA), which also included the London Muslim Shopping Festival and the Halal Dining Show.

Dr. Sunny Umar, representing MHT, spoke as a guest speaker during the two-day event. The show brought together stakeholders from the global halal travel industry, aiming to promote destinations and consumer offers to the Muslim community worldwide.

Focusing on the growing halal travel segment, Dr. Sunny addressed the importance of this market to the Maldives’ tourism industry. He highlighted that while the UK, the country’s fourth largest tourist market, represents a diverse range of travelers, the Maldives, being a 100% Muslim nation, already has existing infrastructure well-suited to cater to halal-conscious travelers. Dr. Sunny emphasized the need to bridge the gap by promoting the Maldives as a premier destination for this specific tourist segment.

Maldives Halal Travel is a comprehensive platform offering a variety of services including halal travel news, special offers, a print and digital magazine, a Muslim-friendly travel rating system, consultancy services, PR and marketing assistance, training programs, and conferences. They also create specialized content, participate in designated halal travel fairs and expos, and host the Halal Travel Awards.


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