The Islandchefs launched at the FHAM Virtual Trade Fair 2021

PUBLISHED August 19, 2021 | updated August 19, 2021 03:53


During the FHA Virtual Culinary Challenge Award Ceremony today, The Islandchief launched their newest product, the Islandchefs.

Islandchief is a premier news portal for Maldives travel industry professionals. From market intelligence, trend analysis and breaking news, to exclusive interviews and up-to-date industry data, insights and perceptive videos, Islandchief’s online and print edition provides all the information insiders need to keep their fingers on the tourism and hospitality scene.  

Celebrating their 5th year in publishing with 61 editions to this date, the Islandchief has expanded their expertise to help chefs from around the world to be part of a community that helps everyone learn, share and inspire. 

This community will be the stepping stone where like-minded chefs across the resorts will come together to share, comment and debate the contents on social media platforms and the key food stories of the day.

The Islandchefs will also be a platform where innovative ideas and insider tips will be shared seamlessly to provide an abundance of resources and media to all the amazing chefs working passionately in the tourism industry. 



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