Allied Insurance Celebrates 38 Years of Assurance!

PUBLISHED January 30, 2023

Allied Insurance, the leading insurance company in the Maldives, celebrates its 38th anniversary on January 30, 2023. Over the last 38 years, the company has focused on insuring the safety of residents, business properties and their valuable assets.

Allied started the year with the launch of its 2023 calendar, which has received recognition for its unique theme and usefulness. Designed in a whiteboard style, the calendar aims to boost productivity and help organize work plans and schedules, making it a well-curated product.

This month, Allied Insurance has arranged activities to distribute and make the calendar available for customers. Earlier in the month, the company held a giveaway event in which attendees received the new Allied calendar. Furthermore, the first 38 customers to buy a policy from the H. Orchid branch's front office on January 30, 2023, is set to receive an Allied calendar. 

The whiteboard contained within this calendar will feature space for easy note-taking for important notices relating to work and other activities. The magnets that come with the calendar may also be utilized for easy management of tasks. The best part is the board can still be used even at the end of the year. 

Here’s a thought: what benefits are there to be gained from insurance policies available from the company? Insurance is your peace of mind for you and your assets. It paves the road for protecting you from any sort of harm that may come to you or your assets. The insurance policy also opens up opportunities to save money for the future. 

Most insurance plans are easy to acquire. Take for example, the third-party insurance every motorcycle needs to have on an annual basis can be purchased online from myallied portal. By renewing your annual motorcycle insurance from allied, customers have the opportunity to get an exclusive calendar as well.

Furthermore, the "Hiyaavehi" plan or the "Aharenge Hiyaa" plan for residents living in the hiyaa flats provides insurance for home appliances such as furniture, lights, air conditioners and kitchen appliances that can also be purchased. This is a means of ensuring that these appliances are insured at a very low cost while also providing customers with an additional opportunity to get a calendar.

For customers thinking of traveling outside of the country this year, travel plans can also be browsed online to ensure the safety of their money. Passports or any health complications that arise throughout their journey can also be insured, providing yet another easy means to acquire a calendar.

A varied number of opportunities are available on this 38th anniversary for customers to receive the popular and handy calendar of Allied Insurance.



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