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PUBLISHED June 09, 2021

The exhaustion after every working week requires a reset for your mind, body and soul. Sometimes, the weekend is just not enough. A holiday in the Maldives is exactly what you need to completely relax.

Imagine this; an empty to-do list.

Book a luxury private villa or spend the night on a private island with your significant other while the both of you fall asleep under the stars. Wake up to the sound of the waves lapping against the beach shore and the rustle of the palm leaves against the wind. Lounge by the beach or pool with your favourite book all day, stroll to the nearest restaurant near you and let the chef astound you with an array of food waiting to be devoured.

The slow life is exactly what you need to fully reset and achieve a mindful self.

But, an island life is not the only thing Maldives has to offer. Hop on a Private motorized yachts and live-aboard vessels to have an experience like no other. Encounter dolphins and rays jumping above the waters, spot a turtle coming up for air or even better, jump in with them for a spontaneous snorkel with the wildlife underneath the ocean. Pick up a spot or ask the captain where the gnarliest of waves are across the Maldives and they’ll take you to some of the most amazing surf breaks you will ever surf.

The values of the tourism hospitality stems from the local hospitality of Maldivians. Visit one of the local islands and you will observe the warm smiles and laughs the locals will greet you with. They are eager to always welcome you with food, whatever they have at home. The kindness shown comes from the bottom of their hearts and the same is reflected in the services they provide in the resorts.

A holiday in the Maldives is what you need because when you wave good-bye to the islands, you are leaving with your hearts full and your minds clear of the clutter that you arrived with.



Ibrahim Nizam

CEO, The Grand Associates.

CEO, The Grand Holidays.

Former Deputy Minister, Ministry of Environment & Energy.


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