Cooking Class Held for Little Chefs Concluded Successfully

PUBLISHED March 19, 2022 | updated March 19, 2022 05:23

Cooking training programme held for children, ‘Little Chefs Cooking Class’ has been successfully concluded today. 

The programme held over the weekend, gathered 15 participants in the age range of 10-13 years, where they created an array of delicious dishes in the kitchen under the guidance of talented chefs from Chefs Guild of Maldives (CGM).  

The program helped equip them with the skills and knowledge to put together a meal on their own. Cooking is not just about developing basics of preparing a meal. It is also learning about nutrition, food safety as well as developing on math, science, literacy, motor skills and teamwork.    

The program put emphasis on instilling these concepts in the young chefs, while building their confidence in cooking and making it a fun interactive experience in a friendly and safe environment. The program was also planned to motivate and attract kids to have some excitement and fun with the guardian/mother/father in the kitchen during the coming month Ramadan.    

Participation certificates were presented to all the Little Chefs who took part in the program. 

Little Chef program was organized as part of the promotional activities for F&B Show set to be held from June 2-4, 2022. The program was presented by Highrise Pvt Ltd in collaboration with Chef Guild Maldives (CGM) and Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Studies (FHTS). The recipes used in the program will be published in an online recipe book for kids to put their culinary skills to test at home.  

About CGM   

The Chefs Guild of Maldives (CGM) is the first non-profit-making association established for chefs working in the Maldives. The association is dedicated solely to the advancement of the culinary art of the Maldives. The association was founded in 2014, and within almost a year, CGM joined World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS). WACS endorses the CGM as the authorized Maldivian national culinary association. The CGM, thereby, has an international culinary focus and multi-national support for the staging of its various competitions, seminars and events.   

About FHTS    

Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Studies is the premier institute for tourism studies in the Maldives that has been in existence for the past three decades. Several of the emerging workers in the hospitality industry has completed their tourism studies in degree and diploma level at the institute.    

MNU recently announced that they are organizing a food exhibition “Fahi Sufuraa” set to take place from 24-26 March. Visit the event to taste local delicacies prepared by the students of MNU.    


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