Experience 360° Virtual Tours of Maldives with Recently Launched Maldives Virtual Tour

PUBLISHED January 03, 2021

Maldives Virtual Tour, in partnership with Visit Maldives, has been successfully launched during a virtual event held on Facebook. 

Maldives Virtual Tour showcases the breathtaking 360° virtual tours of Maldives offering travellers the chance to experience Maldives like never before, with over 2000 virtual tours of more than 150 islands and the chance to book the best rates directly from hotels. 

Maldives 360°destination video has also been launched previously by Maldives Virtual Tour, in association with Visit Maldives. This is a series of 360° destination videos by Maldives Virtual Tour, covering the diverse underwater and aerial 360° videos of the picturesque beauty of Maldives. 

To highlight the importance of this virtual platform in promotion of Maldives, The Managing Director of Visit Maldives, Mr. Thoyyib Mohamed said, “It is my belief that digital marketing plays a vital role in the marketing and promotion of Maldives to travelers, and that virtual content will be the future of the tourism industry. The importance of highlighting Maldives as one of the safest destinations to travel to right now is crucial as well, and I think that such projects will further aid us in this objective.”  

Speaking about the launch, Chief Commercial Officer of Ooredoo Maldives, Hussain Niyaz said, "Ooredoo has been promoting the destination digitally for a while and with this digital platform, Maldives promotion will go to a different level. With this campaign hopefully, Maldives tourism will be revived."   

Trans Maldivian Airways is the Seaplane Partner of Maldives Virtual Tour. Their Chief Executive Officer, A.U. M. Fawzy stated that whatever way TMA can support the industry, they will be there. "We think that Maldives Virtual Tour is the best way to support the industry right now."   

Maldives Virtual Tour is carried out by Orca Media Group with Visit Maldives as official partner, Ministry of Tourism as endorsing partner, along with Ooredoo Maldives as main partner and Trans Maldivian Airways as seaplane partner. 

Maldives Virtual Tour has also announced the launch of Maldives Virtual Tour Expo, which will be launched early next year. This is a virtual consumer travel fair held quarterly, reaching over 10 million travellers across the globe. 

More details and relevant information regarding Maldives Virtual Tour are available on https://maldivesvirtualtour.com/ 


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