Allied Insurance to Host their first Clubhouse Event

PUBLISHED August 25, 2021 | updated August 25, 2021 03:25

Allied Insurance Company has announced the launching of their first event on the widespread social audio application, Clubhouse. 

As part of Allied’s “Rakkaavethibiyya” series, this will be the first edition of the initiative which will be held today, August 25 at 2030 hours. The focal point of this interactive session will be on Fire Insurance, Home Content and Contractors All Risk Insurance. Apart from that, the information session will also highlight on insurance services such as home insurance and the importance of utilizing the insurance services offered. The panelists for the event consist a guest speaker from MNDF as well as Insurance experts from Allied Company. 

As per Allied Insurance, the objective of this initiative is to provide substantial information about insurance to the general public on a wide range as possible. With the use of new technologies and platforms like the Clubhouse, Allied means to interact with the public to acquire noteworthy insights and feedbacks.

Allied Insurance welcomes any interested participants to be part of this event. 

To join the event, visit this link:


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