Maldives Promoted at Brussels Holiday Fair

PUBLISHED March 27, 2022 | updated March 27, 2022 04:04

Maldives Marketing & Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC / Visit Maldives) is taking part in Brussels Holiday Fair 2022, to promote the Maldives as the leading destination for European travelers. The fair is held from 24-27 March 2022. Four industry partners are taking part in the fair with MMPRC.  

With over 60 years of experience, the Brussels Holiday Fair is the leading national tourism fair in Belgium. The fair invites over 350 exhibitors and 800 sub-exhibitors. The exhibitors at Brussels Holiday Fair represent a varied palette of offers for visitors. Visitors can find adventurous adventures, cultural getaways, gastronomic journeys, and more at the fair.  

MMPRC and industry partners will conduct meetings with key members of the travel trade community during the fair. We will also promote the Maldives’ tourism products (resorts, guesthouses, homestays, liveaboards, hotels) and uniquely-Maldivian experiences such as underwater restaurants, luxury facilities, wellness and so on. We will also promote the Maldives as a top of the mind destination for Belgian travelers - emphasizing on the naturally distanced geography of the Maldives and the stringent measures in place.  

The Maldives has welcomed 219 travelers from Belgium as of January 12, 2022. Activities planned ahead for the market include media familiarization trips, print advertising campaigns, and social and digital media campaigns.  



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