Two New F&B Outlets Open at Velana International Airport's International Terminal

New Opening
PUBLISHED December 14, 2023

Two completely new food and beverage (F&B) outlets opened at Velana International Airport (VIA) international terminal. The two F&B outlets were opened by Grape Expectations and HMS Host.

The two outlets were inaugurated by CEO and MD of MACL, Ibrahim Shareef Mohamed, Grape Expectations MD, Amir Mansoor and HMS Host Operations Manager, Sravan Patnaik at a function held at VIA departure terminal. Senior members of MACL, Grape Expectations and HMS Host were also present on the occasion.

MACL has decided to make way for the VIA International Departure Forecourt to provide more products and brands to passengers from the region and also to develop and promote the services provided by Velana International Airport to passengers.

Thanks to the efforts of MACL, The outlet opened by Grape Expectations is the company's own brand, The Grape, and its first such outlet. HMS Host Maldives operates KFC, Costa Coffee, and Grab & Fly. The two companies have been operating restaurants at the airport since 2018.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, MACL CEO and MD, Ibrahim Shareef Mohamed said that MACL's aim has always been to provide good service to the passengers and expressed confidence that the two outlets that opened will do a good in expanding local services to the passengers



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